Big Jet Plane

Big Jet Plane

Day Four

Learn more about this silly experiment with DoNotPay in the post Here We Are.

UPDATE (10/28/19): In my interview with Joshua Browder, he addresses many of the issues found in this article.

I've largely ignored the Rewards system in the app entirely because of just how many things there are to do in DoNotPay. You've probably noticed that my referral link at the bottom of each post mentions that you and I both get 2,000 free points if you click that link and pay for a month. The funny part is, I don't even know what these points can do for me.

Well, today I'm going to find out.

Let me first state that I don't have much familiarity with credit card points, air miles or any similar rewards systems. My wife and I refuse to use credit cards, and I don't travel for a living. Alright then, here comes the deep dive.

You start with 1,000 points. It isn't really explained the monetary equivalent of these points, but it looks like you can book a flight or hotel with these points.

Here are the different ways you can earn points:

  • Every month you receive 1,000 bonus points.
  • Receive 2,000 points when you recommend someone to DoNotPay and they become a member. You also receive a free month of DoNotPay.
  • Run your subscriptions through DoNotPay and receive points based on the cost of those subscriptions.
  • If you lose a traffic ticket fight through DoNotPay, you can pay for your ticket through them and earn points based on the amount.
  • If you sue a corporation or the government through DoNotPay and lose, the give you points "to cheer you up."
  • You can earn points by helping the DoNotPay community. You help answer questions and for each answer, you receive 10 points.
  • At the end of each year, you earn 5% interest on your points balance.

So it looks mostly like if you spend money through DoNotPay, you'll get reward points based on the amount. The one thing that really caught my eye was "helping the DoNotPay community." I wonder if that's how I ended up with that janky PDF explaining how to renew my Canadian passport.

I decided to try and help the community a bit to see what kind of questions people answer. I'm no lawyer, so I was a bit nervous to jump into this. However, I was greeted with a series of short statements from DNP users and asked to categorize them. I was awarded with 10 points for each and was capped at 50 points, the limit per day. It was actually a quick and pleasant experience.

Alright, so that awful presentation of my passport renewal was someone/something else then.

Now armed with 1,050 points, I tried to book a hotel to see what the monetary value of these points are. DoNotPay asked me a few questions and then looked in the area for a hotel. However, I ran into a hitch where it had trouble finding anything. I refreshed a few times but came up with nothing. I tried to book a flight instead, but Robocierge seemed to be having some issues and I was left refreshing every few seconds.

It seems the rewards system is maybe in need of some work. At this point it doesn't seem worth investing time or money in.

Day 4 stats:

  • Money spent: $0
  • Money saved: $0
  • Money earned: 50 Rewards points (unknown monetary value)
  • Time saved: -20 minutes

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