Free Food? Yes, Please!

Free Food? Yes, Please!

Day Six

Learn more about this silly experiment with DoNotPay in the post Here We Are.

A few days ago I forgot to bring my lunch to work. Lamenting this on my drive in, I remembered that on first day of using DoNotPay, there was a button somewhere that said "Get Free Fast Food." Since I was driving, I did the responsible thing and waited until I wasn't driving, but also promptly forgot about it.

At lunch time, my stomach reminded me that I needed food. So I opened DoNotPay, tapped "Find Hidden Money", and then "Get Free Food." Licking my lips, the robo-chef responded with: "If your fast food receipt has a survey on it, I can automatically do it for you and you will instantly get free fast food. To start take a picture of your receipt."


I went to McDonalds anyway, and ordered a McChicken and a McDouble (these are the ingredients of my favorite secret menu item that I will not name). I made sure to keep my receipt.

Fast forward to today. I forgot my lunch. Remembering that I had that receipt, I walked out to my car and opened the DoNotPay app. I went through the same menu system and took a picture of my receipt. I instantly received a validation code that I had to write on my receipt. Then I drove to the local McD's.

When it was my turn to order, I mentioned that I had a receipt with a free Big Mac on it. The lovely lady on the other end said "Ok!" then paused. Waiting for a Big Mac to pop up on the digital sign, I looked down at my receipt. It said "BUY ONE GET ONE BIG MAC OR EGG MCMUFFIN."

Foiled again.

But, that's really my fault. I'm a big dummy for completely failing to read the actual receipt. I still got a free Big Mac out of it, and I didn't have to fill out the survey myself which saved time. However, I do wonder what the robo-assistant said on my behalf.

Day 4 stats:

  • Money spent: $3.99
  • Money saved: $3.99
  • Money earned: $0
  • Time saved: 15 mins

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