My First Free Thing!

My First Free Thing!

Day Three

Learn more about this silly experiment with DoNotPay in the post Here We Are.

I was cruising Reddit this morning and I saw an advertisement for a monthly subscription box called Flying Vinyl. They were offering the first month free. I have a growing collection of vinyl that I love listening to, so of course I took them up on the offer.

But they wanted a credit card that they would charge after 30 days. This would normally turn me off, because I'm horrible at remembering to unsubscribe. Hence why I'm now an Apple Arcade subscriber.

Then I remembered that our good friend, DoNotPay, offers on-the-fly card numbers for just this situation.

I clicked the "New Card" button, and it generated a card number, expiration date, CVV and zip code. Pretty nifty. I filled out the checkout form on Flying Vinyl's site and entered the card information that was provided. The checkout went through perfectly smoothly.

So, I should now be receiving a box with 5 exclusive 7' records along with some extra merch and stuff. How cool.

Now that being said, DoNotPay didn't provide me this $30 off, however, I now have the peace of mind that my card isn't going to get charged $30 when I forget.

What other free trials would be worth checking out? Hit me up on Twitter.

Day 3 stats:

  • Money spent: $0
  • Money saved: $30 (due to my track record with free-trials)
  • Money earned: $0
  • Time saved: -10 minutes

If you want to support me:

Try DoNotPay yourself. You'll get 2,000 points (about $2 USD) using this link!

Try DigitalOcean which is used to host this site. You'll receive a $50 credit towards your first 30 days of hosting using this link!

Buy a discount gift card from Raise. You get $5 off your first purchase using this link! I buy all of my Nintendo eShop cards there when they have sales and keep them for when I purchase my games. Every penny counts!

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