Here We Are

Here We Are

This morning I was listening to the Techmeme Ride Home podcast, and the host, Brian McCollough, mentioned a business named DoNotPay. I had never heard of them before, and found it very interesting as he spoke about all the services they provide through their iOS app. On their site, they call DoNotPay The World's First Robot Lawyer. They describe it as being able to "fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button."

Suing people isn't really my cup of tea, but they have so many more features underneath that bright paint on their home page.

It can, among other things:

  • Make government appointments for you
  • Help you with government paperwork
  • Dispute traffic and parking tickets
  • Cancel subscriptions you've forgotten about
  • Appeal bank fees
  • Call customer service and wait on hold for you

And all for the low price of $3/month. Too good to be true? Well, I'm here to find out. I'm going to be the guinea pig and spend that $3 a month, all for the sake of journalism!

Please note, I am not a lawyer, professional finance person or even a proper journalist. I'm just a software developer who enjoys tinkering with new things.

This blog will document my journey using DoNotPay to see just how much time and money it will save me in a month.

If you want to support me:

Try DoNotPay yourself. You'll get 2,000 points (about $2 USD) using this link!

Try DigitalOcean which is used to host this site. You'll recieve a $50 credit towards your first 30 days of hosting using this link!

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